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Concrete Balustrade by Coral Cast

Our precast balustrade system is easy to install. Concrete balusters show almost no seams when you use precast color matching caulk. You can beautify your new or existing home with a concrete balustrade system. Options to choose from are concrete railings for your patio, pool, porch, front entrance, backyard, balcony or stairs. Texture/finishes include Coral (Travertine), Smooth (Limestone) and Acid Wash.

You can review our resource page for a complete guide on how to install a concrete balustrade system.

Our concrete balusters can be applied to the following parts of the home:

Concrete railings for front porch.
Patio and decks with concrete balusters.
Use concrete railings as fencing to enclose areas in the backyard.
Concrete balusters look amazing on 2nd floor balconies. Bottom rail needed to meet code.
Create a grand entrance using concrete balusters.
100% Architectural Precast Concrete.