A fireplace design made from precast concrete is a welcome addition to any home. Chimneys made of concrete have many performance advantages over other types built with other materials. Before the construction of the fireplace, there are some basic facts you should be acquainted with concerning the merits and demerits of a concrete fireplace.

With concrete, you can have a custom fireplace built in the colors, textures and shapes of your choice. Customization will make it possible to fit them into small spaces when they are constructed with the intention of maximizing the available space. When it is fully installed, the precast concrete fireplace will add a whole new decorative architectural statement to your home’s interior.

Many crucial parts of the fireplace can be constructed with concrete and one such part is the chimney crown. These chimney crowns are cast concrete structures that sit atop the chimney to protect it from getting damaged. They keep out the rain and birds as well. The fact that the chimney top is left exposed and vulnerable to the weather calls for the need to shield it from damage and concrete is a durable and high quality material capable of performing this task.

The chimney flue liner is another part of the fireplace designed specifically to protect parts of the home that are in the immediate vicinity of the fireplace. A lot of heat is emitted from the chimney which could potentially cause damage to the surrounding walls and cause them to crack. Not having a good liner in place would be dangerous considering the fact that it could cause an accumulation of poisonous carbon monoxide in the home.

Aluminum, stainless steel and clay are a few of the other materials commonly used to make the flue liners but concrete is a better option for this purpose. Aluminum would be mostly suitable for use in gas chimneys while the stainless steel option is best for fireplaces that burn dried wood to provide heat. Precast concrete, on the other hand, is suitable for practically all types of chimneys, regardless of the type of fuel (gas, dried wood etc.) being used.

Flue liner casts with concrete supports clean burning of fuel and is capable of withstanding high temperatures as well as thermal stress. It is rust-proof and the released smoke and soot have almost zero effect on it. Hence, it is a durable choice.

Precast concrete fireplaces provide you with enormous design freedom. The chimney can be designed to highlight certain areas of the house. The assembly of the prefabricated chimney is very simple and can be performed quickly when compared to the traditional fireplace. Due to the fact that this chimney is lightweight, the chimney stack can be mounted on top of any kind of roof, whether tiled or otherwise.

Depending on the product manufacturer, the precast fireplace often consists of individually molded concrete pieces with a steel reinforcement for support. Precast concrete blocks can also be used to construct the conical base of the fireplace which implies that the base can be customized to suit one’s taste.

In case you wish to put up the home for sale further down the line, a concrete chimney situated indoors in the living room would be a great selling point. This would be even more appreciated in areas that experience very cold winters and where the heating costs are high. Having one installed could raise the value of the house when it goes on sale.

An elegant precast chimney creates an inviting decor and adds a lot of style to the overall ambiance of a room and the property. Needless to say, an indoor fireplace would be a great addition to any property.

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