Trying to decide whether or not it makes the most sense to change out all of your metal railings with precast concrete balusters can be a real headache and hassle.

On the one hand, you’re talking about changing out a pretty rock-solid material for an equally (if not more so) solid material, so that is pretty much a wash.

On the other hand, the overall design aesthetic, maintenance routine, and a handful of other elements are going to change completely when you decide to make this switch – things that cannot be ignored.

Pay close attention to the details included below and you should be able to make the right decision moving forward.

Is it smart to replace your metal railings with precast concrete balusters?

You’re going to want to look at a number of key elements and criteria to figure out whether or not it makes the most sense to swap out your metal railings with precast concrete balusters, but the odds are pretty good that you’ll come to the same conclusion so many others already have:

That there’s just nothing else better than perfectly designed (and installed) precast balusters!

Smartly designed, incredibly solid, and giving off a very luxurious look and feel regardless of the structure that they have been implemented on, these recast balusters can help you get exactly the kind of look and aesthetic your after while at the same time giving you an incredibly durable and safe railing material.

Here are some things to think about though before you pull the trigger on that kind of investment!


There can be no mistaking that there will be a major change and shift in the overall design aesthetic of your property when you decide to swap out metal railings for precast concrete balusters.

The overwhelming majority of metal railings out there is relatively thin and has a very specific design “flavor” to them, one that is incredibly unique to the construction material. This allows these railings to kind of fade into the background, while allowing the rest of your design aspects to really take center stage.

Precast balusters, on the other hand, are going to be right up front and center because of their “chunky” design and the way that they solidly dominate exterior and interior spaces. Just be aware of the shift and change in the “temperature” of your design that implementing these will cause.


Though metal railings are incredibly safe (if they are well maintained and taken care of), you just can’t beat the rock-solid stability and safety that properly installed precast concrete balusters provide.

We’re talking about a construction material here that is responsible for holding up some of the largest structures on the planet, a construction material that is known for being incredibly strong, super durable, and very reliable – one that will give you the levels of protection you are looking for.


Precast balusters will (very likely) cost a bit more upfront than repairing or replacing your metal railings would, but you have to consider the long-term value of this investment as well. Precast balusters are going to require next to no maintenance whatsoever, and could reasonably last 400 years or more without any real degradation in quality for aesthetic.

It’s really all going to boil down to your personal tastes, the particulars of your project, and a handful of other elements as to whether or not you decide to go with precast balusters or metal railings. At least now you should have a leg up on the decision-making process!